Perdana University School of Foundation Studies (PUSFS)

Welcome Message

Perdana University School of Foundation Studies (PUSFS) is established with the aim of providing foundation programme to academically prepare SPM or O-level school leavers for admission into their chosen degree programme. Our foundation programme is designed to be fast-track in which students will complete their study within 1 year. The Foundation in Science programme offer by the PUSFS is intensive but academically rewarding because our curricula focussed on academic subjects, study skills and English language that assist students in gaining strong understanding of fundamental science knowledge. This knowledge serves as the foundation of understanding and inquiring new knowledge of science when they embark on their degree programme.

Students enrolled in our programme have the opportunity to interact with students from other degree programmes and also have the benefit of experiencing the vibrant university life compared to their peers who are still in high school. In addition, they are mentored and trained to ensure that they are well-prepared, leading to a smooth transition to their chosen degree programme.

We seek young talented and bright student like you to join us because we believe in helping you to lay a strong foundation so that you will propelled to great success in the future.

Dr. Chan Soon Choy, Ph.D.
Dean, Perdana University School of Foundation Studies