Advanced Pre-clinical Trials

Research Project: Advanced Pre-clinical Trials

Advanced pre-clinical trials to validate therapeutic effects of phytonutrient formulations utilizing nutrigenomics and rat models (cardiovascular, cognitive dysfunction and diabetic disorders).

Dr Indu Jaganath (MARDI), Dr Brian KirbyDr Kamalan Jeevaratnan, Prof Aidan Bradford 

Project summary:
The project is separated into three main areas, namely cardiovascular, CNS disorders and diabetes.

Cardiovascular: The study will aim to investigate two major cardiovascular parameters that are of significant public health concerns. The first part of the study aims to elucidate the anti-hypercholestreamic effects of this novel compound in mice/rats induced with artherosclerosis lesions and determine a suitable therapeutic dose and as well as the most effective extraction method for the novel compound. The second part of the study will then aim to investigate the pro and anti-arrhythmic properties of this novel compound.

CNS: The aim of this study is to examine the potential of a phytonutrient cocktail as a neurotherapeutic agent.  This agent will be examined in vivo using models of cognitive impairment to determine whether it has potential as a drug for treating neurodegenerative disorders.

Diabetes: A phytonutrient cocktail, that has been shown to upregulate and downregulate genes playing a potential role in diabetes, will be administered to diabetic rats and the effects of this treatment on a variety of physiological parameters will be measured in vivo in order to establish if the phytonutrients can ameliorate the adverse effects of diabetes.