PUSPS – Bioinformatics – Overview

Overview of Bioinformatics

Why Study Bioinformatics?

Why Study Bioinformatics at Perdana University

Bioinformatics is a transformative science that is at the crux of interdisciplinary research, with a pivotal role in the growth of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. It is essential for analysis and interpretation of complex and large biological datasets generated by functional studies and high throughput technologies, such as next-generation sequencing. With the advancements in molecular biology, genomics, genetics and medical sciences, there is currently a high demand for bioinformaticians worldwide, which is largely unmet, in-part due to a shortage in the supply of qualified and trained bioinformaticians.

Perdana University School for Postgraduate Studies, through the Perdana University Centre for Bioinformatics (PUCBi), is pleased to offer several bioinformatics educational programmes at various levels of qualifications (Postgraduate Diploma, PgDip; Master of Science, MSc; and Doctor of Philosophy, PhD) that have been carefully designed in consultation with leading academic and industry experts of the field. The over-arching goal of these programmes is to empower bioscientists (students, researchers, and IT professionals supporting biologists) the ability to develop and/or apply innovative bioinformatics solutions to solve biological problems.

Benefits of The Programme

Graduates will be able to:

  • Develop and apply innovative bioinformatics solutions to complex research problems
  • Further their education in bioinformatics or any field of life sciences (basic, applied or services)
  • Pursue a career in the life sciences, either in academia or industry


  • The programme is recognized by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Malaysia.