Dr Lloyd Low

Dr Lloyd Low

Dr Lloyd LowDr Lloyd Low
Head, Products & Services
Lecturer, Bioinformatics

BSc Hons (Australia), PhD (Australia)
Email: lloydlow@perdanauniversity.edu.my

Dr Lloyd Low is a Lecturer and Head of Products and Services at the Perdana University Centre for Bioinformatics (PU-CBi). He obtained his Ph.D in Genetics from the University of Melbourne, Australia and did his postdoctoral fellowships at the Monash University, Australia. 

Dr Lloyd’s research interests are in the area of gene annotation, molecular evolution, comparative genomics, detoxification system, and personalised medicine. He has authored/co-authored research articles at internationally recognized, peer-reviewed journals, including the prestigious journal Nature and has presented his work at numerous international conferences.

Dr Lloyd has experience in creating e-Learning educational contents in Biology for SPM, IGCSE and O-Level syllabi, teaching genetics and bioinformatics to undergraduate students, and has assisted in the supervision of two PhD research projects. Starting in January 2015, he will also teach bioinformatics at the post-graduate level to students of Perdana University.

As the Head of Products and Services in PU-CBi, Dr Lloyd is now focusing on developing capacity for technical assistance/consultancy, on-demand training, licensing of in-house products/tools, analytical services, data warehousing, bioinformatics organisation work, and conducting workshops. He will leverage on the in-house expertise of the staff and faculty of PU-CBi to help solve bioinformatics problems faced by researchers in academia and partners of various industries.  

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