Karen Morgan

Dr. Karen Morgan

Dr Karen MorganDr. Karen Morgan
RCSI Lead, Psychology & Behavioural Sciences

PhD (NUI), Reg Psychol PsSI
Email: karenmorgan@pu-rcsi.edu.my

Dr. Karen Morgan is a health and organisational psychologist. She has a Masters in Social and Organisational Psychology (University College Dublin, Ireland) and a PhD in health Psychology (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland). Prior to joining PU-RCSI Dr Morgan worked as a lecturer in RCSI, teaching medical, physiotherapy and pharmacy undergraduate students. She also taught on a range of postgraduate programmes.  Dr. Morgan’s research draws on theories and frameworks from health and organisational psychology. Her research interests include quality of care, ageing and population health. She previously held a research fellowship from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS) and is Irish co-PI on an FP7 funded 10 country study which aims to improve quality and safety in the hospital by examining the link between organisational culture, burnout, and quality of care (ORCAB).  Dr. Morgan is actively involved in a number of professional societies and is the current Secretary of the European Health Psychology Society.

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HPV vaccine acceptability study

A 5 country programme which examines the barriers to HPV vaccination.

PU research team: Dr Karen Morgan (Principal Investigator), Mr Amuthan Ganesh, Ms Anne Jamaludin, Sangeeta Kaur (Research Manager) and Kanason Rajagobal (Research Officer).

Falls & Frailty in older people

A programme of research which is  (i) evaluating the characteristics and psychological effects of falls in older patients presenting to the emergency room (ii)  evaluating the effects of exercise therapy and home hazards interventions (iii) developing biomarkers of fraility (iv) determining perceptions on end-of-life issues in frail and non-frail elderly

In collaboration with the Ageing and Age-associated Disorders Research Group, University Malaya.