Dr Sangeeta Kaur

Dr Sangeeta Kaur

Dr Sangeeta Kaur SranDr Sangeeta Kaur
Senior Lecturer, Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine, PU-RCSI

Masters in Social Science(Anthropology) and B.Sc in Social Science (Psychology)
Email: sangeetakaur@perdanauniversity.edu.my

Sangeeta Kaur Sran, Lecturer for Epidemiology and Public Health; is a public health specialist, who has been involved in development work over the last 13 years-is interested in evidence based interventions that enhances health decisions, that are pertinent to communities and organizations that aims to promote good health.

She is currently pursuing her PhD (Med), she has Masters in Social Science;Anthropology and B.Sc in Social Science;Psychology.

ANPUD (2011). Barriers to Hepatitis C Diagnosis, Management, Treatment Among People Who Inject Drugs. Published by Asian Network for People Who Use Drugs, Bangkok, Thailand.

Reid, G., Kamarulzama, A and Sran, S.K (2007). Malaysia and harm reduction: the challenges and responses. The International Journal on Drug Policy, 18 (2), 136-140.

Sangeeta has managed research projects such as:

  1. Managing research grant on Human papillomavirus applying quantitative and qualitative) research on “Multisite, HPV vaccine acceptability;
  2. Prevalence rate and co-infections of Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis and HIV among people who inject drugs within five countries (India, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaysia and Thailand);
  3. Managing care and treatment observational database on People Living With HIV and AIDS; and
  4. Evaluating health interventions programme in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Timor Leste and Vietnam.

Currently she in actively engaged in a research that aims at exploring family and social influences on alcohol consumption within three ethnicities in Malaysia. Results from the current study can be utilized to design effective and comprehensive youth alcohol policies and strategies that are guided by informed and in-depth knowledge on relevant ecological factors that influence alcohol consumption within local context.