Dr Erin Lim

Dr Erin Lim

Dr Erin LimDr Erin Lim
Associate Professor, PU-RCSI

Bachelor’s in Science (Hons)-Microbiology, PhD in Medical Biotechnology
Email: erinlim@perdanauniversity.edu.my

Dr Erin Lim is currently appointed as the Wet Lab Coordinator at Perdana University and is a member of the Perdana University Research Committee. She is an honorary member of the Medical Biotechnology Research Group at the Faculty of Biotechnology, Universiti Putra Malaysia and serves as an adjunct faculty for the School of Data Science within Perdana University.

She obtained her PhD in Medical Biotechnology from Universiti Putra Malaysia and was a National Science Fellowship scholar, awarded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. She was appointed as a lecturer at the International Medical University under the School of Pharmacy in 2010 prior to joining Perdana University, PU-RCSI as a Senior Lecturer in 2014.

Her main research interests include analysis of carriage and transmission of multidrug resistant bacteria in non-conventional settings, besides an interest in natural products for antimicrobial testing. She is heavily involved in the elucidation of mechanisms of reversal of resistance in bacteria in addition to investigating the immunological analyses of diseases, development of vaccination and treatment models in animals. She hopes her work will support discovery of therapeutics in the clinical setting and assist in the combat against the burden of antibiotic resistance. Dr Erin’s current ongoing collaborations are with the University of Surrey, Universiti Putra Malaysia and the International Medical University.

Dr Erin is a believer of research-based teaching in expanding the student learning experience beyond classroom walls. She has successfully graduated two postgraduate students and more than sixty undergraduates, some of whom are international students on short-term attachments. She serves as a reviewer for the Journal of Medicinal Plant Research, Journal of Integrative Medicine, The Scientific World Journal, Jurnal Sains Kesihatan Malaysia, BMC Journal of Biomedical Science, Letters in Applied Microbiology and The Natural Products Journal. She is also an external postgraduate examiner for Universiti Malaya, Universiti Putra Malaysia and Taylor’s University.

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