Dr. Anthony Gabriel Cummins

Dr. Anthony Gabriel Cummins

Dr. Anthony Gabriel CumminsDr. Anthony Gabriel Cummins
Lead of Family Medicine

Email: anthonycummins@pu-rcsi.edu.my

Dr. Anthony Cummins, a graduate of University College Cork, National University of Ireland (UCC NUI) in Ireland, is the new lead of Family Medicine at Perdana University-Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) School of Medicine. With academic posts in Ireland and the UK (honorary lectureships at Manchester, Liverpool John Moores and Warwick universities) he has had wide experience both academically and clinically in Family Medicine.

He graduated from UCC NUI in 1979 and subsequently underwent postgraduate training in the UK across a range of hospital and community-based special interest areas including cardiology and psychiatry before embarking on a career in Family Medicine. Within the specialty of Family Medicine he continued his special interests through the development of collaborative research programmes with Liverpool University in the UK and subsequently in Ireland with the Health Research Board.

Recipient of many awards, Prof Cummins has received GP of the UK 1999 (National Magazines plc readership survey ), Health & Social Care Awards 1999 ( “Improving the lives of people with heart disease” ), Primary Care Report’s Best Practice Awards 2001 “Implementation of the National Service Frameworks for coronary heart disease” and the Health Service Journal Awards 2004 (“Clinical Service Redesign” category) Awarded for the development & impact of Wallasey Heart Centre on local Merseyside cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.Outside of medicine Professor Cummins’ main interests are music and languages.

Outside of medicine Dr. Cummins’ main interests are music and languages. He is both a musician and presenter of a weekly radio programme. He plays traditional Irish folk music on the violin and mandolin, He has an interest in languages and while working as a GP in the UK providing healthcare to elderly non-English speaking Chinese and Bangladeshi patients he learned basic Cantonese and Hindi/ Urdu to enable consultations without the need for interpreters. He is enthusiastic about learning Malay while seconded here as a lead of Family Medicine at Perdana University.

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His work with the HRB (Health Research Board) Centre for Primary Care Research continues with two broad areas of interest:

  1. Construction of an international register of Clinical Prediction Rules (CPRs), and
  2. The development of quality indicators for safe prescribing in Irish children

Collaboration with Liverpool University department of psychiatry in the clinical application of the Global Mental Health Assessment Tool continues with its wide use internationally.