Perdana University – Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Welcome Message

Associate Professor David Adams

The aims of the PURCSI School of Medicine are to provide excellence in education and training and to produce young doctors who will more than meet the needs of the Malaysian people.  The curriculum equips students with the knowledge of human structure and function, what can go wrong and how to manage problems which might arise.  During the 5- year programme students acquire the understanding and clinical competence to deliver, under supervision, a high level of patient care and the ability to communicate and interact effectively with patients and colleagues. Students will develop the confidence and skills to allow them to undertake leadership roles for healthcare provision in Malaysia.

We seek talented and bright young people who want to study medicine, will always put the patient first, who are adaptable and are prepared to undertake a subject that will involve lifelong learning. Medicine is a wonderful and very rewarding career.

Professor David Adams
Dean, Perdana University – Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland