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haniefMohamed Hanief grew up by the beach of Penang, but moved to KL at the age of 11. He attended quite a number of schools, but finally took his SPM at SEMASHUR. He then went to Johor Matriculation College before attending UPM for his undergraduate study in the field of Biomedical Science. He further pursued his postgraduate master’s degree in Human Anatomy at UKM. During his master’s day, he was fascinated by the mystery of Neuroanatomy and hoped to become a neurosurgeon. He left his position as a tutor in human anatomy at UPM to continue his education at the Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine.

In his spare time he likes to do outdoor activities, including sports (volleyball, football, futsal and sepak takraw) and hiking on the weekend. He also enjoys photography and travels a lot. Among the places he has been are Lake Toba, Phuket, Seoul, Singapore, the islands on the east coast of Malaysia, and also to Sabah, where he climbed Mount Kinabalu.


joanJoan was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. She graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a BSc. in Biotechnology and a minor in Chemistry. After graduation, she worked as a quality control chemistry lab analyst in Los Angeles for two years, during which she took some healthcare management courses for six months. In the beginning of this year, she returned to Asia for good and was exploring her options in pursuing her studies in medicine. After a short stint as a clinical operations executive at a hospital in Singapore, she is finally realizing her dream to be a physician. Greatly fascinated by the tofu-like structure that humans attribute their thoughts to, she aspires to be a neurosurgeon, but is open to other options down the road.

Outside of her passion for humanity and medicine, her interests span from reading, writing, foreign languages and cultures, to photography, music, outdoor activities, traveling and any kind of adrenaline-pumping activities. The only thing she probably would never do is eat fried worms, scorpions, or any ‘stuff’ seen on Fear Factor. If she had to pick one dead person as a source of inspiration, that would be Albert Einstein. Oh, and she loves to laugh- if you ever come across a good joke, do share with her!


miorMior Ahmad Azmeer was born in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. He received his BSc. in Biotechnology from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA, in May 2011. He is currently a first year student of the M.D. program at PUGSOM. During his undergraduate study, he spent most of his time working on his research project on bacterial cell-to-cell communication. In the research lab, he loves to deal with new biological samples or experiments every day, trying to understand the biology of living organisms

Besides research, he also enjoys interacting with the public and any opportunity to help the community. He loves medicine and biology as much as he loves racquet sports – particularly badminton, ping pong and tennis. He likes reading and listening to classical music.


nezarNezar Alsaeedi is from the small island of Bahrain.  He attended middle and high school in Bahrain, but then traveled to the United States to continue his studies.  He graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in molecular and cellular biology from Johns Hopkins University.  For his master’s research, he studied the influence of a glycolipid producing enzyme in causing atherosclerotic plaque rupture in heart disease patients.  He enjoyed these independent studies, and as a result, he hopes to pursue a career as a cardiothoracic surgeon.

He chose to attend Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine mainly because of the people – not only are the staff and students very helpful and informative, but they come from different backgrounds and bring with them a diverse world of experiences.  In his free time, he likes to explore different places in Malaysia and sample the different cuisines found here – especially the delicious seafood.  He is also an avid football player and supports his favorite team, FC Barcelona.


laiYuan Xin grew up in Perak, Malaysia.  From a young age, she was inspired by her father, who is a Chinese herbal medicine physician.  Fascinated by human anatomy and having the strong desire to help people, she enroled in the PUGSOM inaugural class of 2015 to become a physician.  She obtained her BSc. Biotechnology in University Putra Malaysia and was involved in cloning research duing her undergraduate studies.  Besides excelling as first class honors in university, she was involved in volunteer activities including environmental and HIV projects in order to promote consciousness and awareness in youth regarding these issues.

Being a cheerful and adventurous girl, she loves spending time with friends, backpacking and diving.  She always feels that solo backpacking is a soul reflection journey and a great way to meet new people.  She wishes to explore Europe and to have the chance to dive at the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland.


min-yingMin Ying was born in Kuala Lumpur.  She received her primary education in SRJKC Batu 9 Cheras; secondary education in SMK Perimbun and SMJK Ya Hua Kajang.  She attended UPM for her undergraduate study in Nutrition, graduating with honours first class in 2011.  For her final year project, she explored her interest in antioxidant, a chemical compound that can slow down the aging process of our bodies.

Her life at UPM was colored by many memorable and precious experiences from being a dancer, a yogi, and a Guzheng player.  Additionally, she often volunteered as a peer educator in a youth training program for issues regarding HIV/AIDS and family planning, organized by the Federation of Reproductive Health Associations, Malaysia (FRHAM).  Min Ying believes that she is going to have a great life at PUGSOM as a stepping stone to realizing her dream to become a physician.


meesha-avalaniMeesha Avalani was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She completed her first degree, BSc (Biotechnology, Honours) from Monash University. Having a deep inclination towards research in the fields of medicine and genetics, she pursued job positions that allowed her continued involvement in medical research. She worked in the Microbiology Department of Pathlab, a medical testing lab, and also had an enriching experience working as a medical sales representative for Pfizer, handling high-end antibiotics and antifungals. However, her passion for medical research was still left unfulfilled.
After hearing about Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine (PUGSOM), she enrolled with great enthusiasm to fulfil her passion for medical research and to become a successful physician.

In her free time, Meesha enjoys reading non-fiction books. She is also actively engaged in activities that advocate animal rights. She believes that every living creature on earth, whether big or small, has the right to life.  Meesha has an optimistic approach to life and is looking forward to a great and unique learning experience at PUGSOM.


howWei Quan is a typical student, born and bred in Kuala Lumpur. Upon completion of his SPM, he entered Taylor’s University to further his studies in American Degree Program. From there, he transferred to Ohio State University in the U.S. and completed his BSc. in Biochemistry. Initially more inclined towards research, his interest shifted towards medicine when he was exposed to the hospital settings in the US. Always a person who wanted to lend a hand towards the others, he felt that going into medicine, he is able to change the lives of many people. He hopes that one day he is able to volunteer his service in countries that are in dire need of medical expertise. However, his interest in being in a laboratory did not leave him and he enjoys spending time in labs working on new projects. Working hard to achieve his dreams, he was nominated 5 times in the Dean’s List in OSU for his academic achievements. Not a person who solely spends time in his studies, Wei Quan is also very active in sports and other activities. He was involved in OSU’s 2012 MASA night, performing as a dancer and helping to organize the whole event. He is an excellent Frisbee player and also enjoys sports like badminton, basketball and ping pong. Besides this, he enjoys travelling around and he has been to New York, Miami and Chicago during his stint in US.


kalaaiKalaaiwani was born and raised in Seremban, Malaysia. Despite being inspired to become a physician from a young age, she graduated from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu with a BSc. in Chemical Sciences, majoring in synthetic chemistry. She left her postgraduate studies in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to join the PUGSOM class of 2016. During her short stint as a basic science graduate student, she focused on the facile synthesis and characterisation of bioactive compounds as part of her medicinal chemistry research, an outcome of her leanings toward the practise of medicine. Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine became her choice simply because this is a place where one gets challenged every day, not only to stay at the top of their game, but to become a better person as a whole. An active, unequalled learning experience shared among people of various backgrounds and outlooks on life is one of the many random gifts that come along with the Medical Degree. Her spare time is spent exclusively on reading, with autobiography leading the list. She is also interested in mastering the Indian classical music and dance. Her aim in life is to join MERCY Malaysia and contribute extensively to humanitarian work around the world.


shaShaliz was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. She graduated from the University of Adelaide, Australia with a BSc. in Biomedical Science and a first class Honours in BHSc., majoring in Physiology. During her stay in Australia, she has encountered several experiences that sparked her interest in medicine. The first of her many experiences include being a scholar in the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP) which introduced the idea of Medicine and the thrill beyond the profession. Fascinated by this experience, she started exploring her options further by volunteering in hospitals and medically related environment to be familiarized and be certain of her decision to endeavor the medical career. She reckoned by venturing into these activities, it has allowed her to view life in a different manner, consequently reassuring her of her dream to become a physician. She returned to Malaysia at the end of 2011 upon hearing PUGSOM’s establishment and believed that this was an opportunity of a lifetime! Her dream someday is to become a pediatrician, mostly due to her active volunteering in Make-A-Wish Malaysia, an organization focused on granting wishes for medically threatened children. With that said, she is still open for other options down the road. Besides volunteering, her love for adrenaline has disembarked her in some adventures! Her recent escapades include island hopping, jungle ATV/buggy rides, surfing, snorkeling, cliff diving and skydiving. Ultimately, she firmly believes that the biggest adventure a person can take is to live the life of his/her dreams!


yiyingYi Ying, who is proud of her Penangite origin, graduated from Imperial College London with a BSc. in Pharmacology and Translational Medical Science. She spent most of her undergraduate years understanding mechanisms of drugs and how the body reacts to drugs, which stemmed her interest towards medicine. Fascinated by the workings of the drugs, she is determined to embark on the path of medicine, hoping to meet patients and apply her skills and knowledge someday.  She was involved in various research projects, including: the study of sleep and synaptic activity in Drosophila Melanogaster and the in-vivo study on mice to understand the role of amino acids in regulating satiety.

She did various volunteering work as time-fillers– including working with refugees, fundraising for a school in Africa, and tutored students from disadvantaged background during her undergraduate studies in London.

She dreams to become a doctor travelling around developing countries, like South East Asia and Africa, to serve the poor local population.  During her free time, she likes to head out – practicing photography, meeting new friends, travelling, or stay home to try new recipes.


minghanAllen was born in Subang Jaya and then moved to Puchong, Selangor, where he completed his secondary education, at the age of 12. In 2012, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from The National University of Malaysia (UKM). During his undergraduate studies, he was fascinated by how the different elements of the human body works and interrelates with one another to maintain one’s health. Having interest in the biology of human body, together with his heart that wants to contribute to a small part of humanity, he decided to continue his education at Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine.

Besides spending time in his academics, he also likes to travel to various places, to experience different cultures, and to meet different people. He is also involved in few volunteering activities organized by NGOs, such as World Wide Fund for Nature-Malaysia (WWF-Malaysia), Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU), Pink Triangle Foundation (PTF), Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM), etc. Another interest of his is in the performing arts, where he enjoys stage performance such as dramas, dances, and musicals. He wishes to join Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in the future after gaining enough experience as a physician, and give medical supports to the needy at the forgotten corners of the world.


delcosDelcos was born and raised in Perak, Malaysia. He graduated from University of Malaya with BMedSc (Biomedical Science, Honours). Having a vivid interest in cancer research, he went to Academia Sinica, Taiwan for internship and pursued his postgraduate studies at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Hong Kong in the field of Cancer Epigenetics. He spent most of his postgraduate studies trying to understand how epigenetic changes lead to the development of gastric and colorectal cancers, which stemmed his interest towards medicine. Fascinated by the passion of treating patient, he left his PhD in Hong Kong to join the PUGSOM class 2017.

He was involved in various research projects both locally and internationally and he has a few publications in ISI peer review journals including Nature Genetics and Parasitology Research. In addition, he has also presented in numerous international conferences including Germany, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. He is actively involved in numerous volunteer works, including: student ambassador for terminal stage cancer patients, volunteer for World Kidney day at Hong Kong, a register volunteer for World Vision Malaysia and fundraising to promote nature conservation in Hong Kong.

He has a dream of becoming a physician scientist in the future, a physician who is able to translate the scientific findings to bedside. Moreover, he wish to join Doctors Without Borders in the future to help those in need.


dhalilaDhalila Zafirah Binti Mohd Dahlan was born in Ipoh, Perak and is currently residing in Kuala Lumpur with her family. She completed her B.Sc (Hons) in Microbiology and M.Sc (Hons) Molecular Biology from International University of Malaysia (UKM). She did her undergraduate research on lipid synthesis and enzyme profiling whereas for her postgraduate studies she carried out transgenic organism research.

She never gave up on her dream to become a medical doctor and finally the opportunity came about through Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine. She looks forward to the valuable experience and curriculum integrated into the PUGSOM program, which she hopes will further explore her interest in genetics and cell physiology. She believes everyone is given a chance to turn the impossible into reality. She would like to contribute her knowledge and experience to serve her country. She likes to spend her free time watching sci-fiction movie, listen to music and do spiritual reading.


farahFarah, a Penangite origin, graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in 2013, with a First Class Honours Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences. Her passion and interest in medical research started back in the days when she was in Penang Matriculation College (PMC), where she was exposed to research procedures and findings that can help the human race in anyway wanted. Upon entry into one of the best research-based universities in Malaysia, Farah went full speed into medical research studies where she managed to branch into in vivo teratogenic studies, which is what she has the deepest passion in.  Starting this teratogenic research from scratch brought her through a journey where she saw the progressing toxic effects on pregnant dams, with consumption of different drugs or alternative medicine, as well as fetal and skeletal malformations; mainly post partum, and partially studied it embryogenically. The pain, suffering, and teratogenic outcomes were heart breaking.  With each presentation on her research findings, it further enhanced her desire to be a Ob/Gyn branching into research if given a chance.  She wants to spread the importance of full maternal care during pregnancy in a closer proximity to pregnant females.  When she heard of Perdana University’s Graduate School of Medicine, she knew this was indeed an opportunity not to be missed. She believes she’s now a step closer to living her dreams of giving back to society and providing medical support to all those in need.

Far from being the next nerd in town, Farah also has interest in performing arts, where she enjoys performing her own composed songs with different musical instruments and dances. Additionally, she used her writings as a medium to tell her readers to never stop moving ahead, especially when opportunity comes knocking. She stresses a lot on the importance of looking deep into one’s heart, see and feel what one’s capabilities are in achieving a dream that has been locked deep down in an individual. As she puts it, if you still got it, then go for it.



josephJoseph Chan was born and raised in Ipoh, Perak. He completed his first degree in Bsc. Biochemistry with first class honours from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in the year 2013.

In his undergraduate studies, he worked on the screening of anti-plasmodium properties of seaweed extracts in an effort to discover novel compounds for anti-malaria drugs. Fascinated with the intricate human body and how disease occurs, he decided to pursue medicine. He believes that studying medicine at PUGSOM is a once-in- a-life-time opportunity. One of the main reasons is that the curriculum at PUGSOM does not only allow students to understand diseases, but also strengthen their fundamental knowledge in providing accurate diagnosis by examining health as a spectrum.

He spends his spare time meeting up with his friends, playing sports such as badminton and he also enjoys travelling. His dreams are simply to be a capable and a good doctor who is able to attend those in need. He is also interested in doing medical research and hopes to be able to contribute to the scientific community.