Vijay Panchanathan

Dr. Vijayretnam Panchanathan

Dr. Vijayaretnam Panchanathan Dr. Vijayaretnam Panchanathan

MBBS (Malaya), MPhil (Malaya), PhD (ANU)

Vijay completed a medical degree at the University of Malaya. While he was in medical school, he developed a passion for research in immunology. He subsequently went on to do a Masters’ degree at the University of Malaya in Microbiology/Immunology, where he studied the antibody response in humans infected with typhoid fever. During the same period, he was actively involved in a vaccine trial in Malaysia for typhoid fever.

Vijay then went to Australia to study immunology at the John Curtin School of Medical Research in Canberra, Australia. First as a student, then later as a Research Fellow, he investigated the murine immune response to ectromelia virus, a close relative of the now-eradicated smallpox virus. He also studied the various factors that affect the murine antibody response to vaccines. The outcome was a better understanding of the acute response to pathogens and the identification of how various parameters affect the immune response to vaccines. This work was done in close collaboration with the National Institute of Health, USA and Ludwig-Maximillans Universitat, Munich and Stanford University.

He has presented his work at conferences, both locally and internationally and published his work in peer-reviewed international publications.
Vijay retains an interest in vaccinology, how viruses affect the immune response and tropical diseases. He is looking forward to future collaborations in Malaysia to further his research interests.