Srikumar Chakravarthi

Professor Dr Srikumar Chakravarthi

Assoc Prof Dr Srikumar ChakravarthiProfessor Dr Srikumar Chakravarthi
Director of Medical Curriculum

MBBS, MD (Pathology), FRSPH (UK), MCAP (USA), Dip Mgmt, eMBA (Hosp Mgmt)

Dr Sri is a pathologist, swimming in academics and research for the past approximate two decades. An ardent researcher, he has nearly 90 papers in indexed international peer reviewed journals, with impressive citation scores, and is involved in numerous research grants projects. He has also presented numerous papers in international scientific conferences. His areas of research interest include cancer pathology, immunohistochemistry, natural products and drug toxicity studies. Dr Sri is the recipient of the Academic Brilliance Awards 2013 for Excellence in Research, at National level in India.

A passionate lecturer with more than 13,000 teaching hours spanning nearly 2 decades, he has won many awards in teaching and lecturing in his University teaching career, including the student choice Best Lecturer award for consecutive years, the teaching excellence award and many other awards, including the most inspiring lecturer, motivating lecturer and best powerpoint presenter. He is popular among students for his innovative, technology-driven teaching methods, and also conducts online skype lectures to students in other countries. Dr Sri is now working on developing an android app for pathology and hematology.

Dr Sri has previously worked in the International Medical University in Malaysia and the Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University in India, and has served at various administrative capacities, including the positions as Acting Dean, Associate Dean, and Head. His expertise includes coordinating basic medical sciences modules, assessments and curriculum structure planning, review and delivery. Dr Sri plunges himself into various student activities and has established university level student clubs in photography, arts, music, sports activities and has helped organize conferences, seminars, workshops, cultural performances, sporting events and carnivals at university level. A follower of Jack Canfield and Robin Sharma, Sri believes that the “Chicken Soup for his Soul” is living life to the fullest and stretching beyond limits, with awards in long distance running, photography, art and is also a guitarist, drummer, and fitness adviser.

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