Jamie Kang KH

Dr Jamie Kang KH

Dr Jamie Kang KHDr Jamie Kang KH, MD
Assistant Professor & Clerkship Director – Surgery

Email: khkang@perdanauniversity.edu.my

Dr Jamie Kang, an American Board certified general surgeon, is the Director of Core Clerkship and the Clinical Site Director of Advanced Surgery at PUGSOM. She obtained her MD from Jefferson Medical College in USA. She then completed her 5-years training in General Surgery at State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Health Science Center. During her training in New York, she worked as a clinical instructor for the medical students at SUNY Downstate Medical School. As the chief resident in her final year of training, she enjoyed teaching the junior trainees in improving their clinical management skills and surgical techniques. Secondary to her enthusiasm in pediatric surgery and intestinal rehabilitation, she did 2 years of research at Harvard University and served as a surgical fellow at Center of Advanced Intestinal Rehabilitation of Boston Children’s Hospital. This experience had earned her few peer reviewed publications and podium presentations at regional and national meetings.

Dr Jamie Kang has a special interest in surgical education and clinical skill development. She looks forward to contribute more in Malaysia’s healthcare and training.

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