Dr. Wana Hla Shwe

Associate Professor Dr. Wana Hla Shwe

Assoc Prof Dr. Wana Hla ShweAssociate Professor Dr. Wana Hla Shwe

Email: wana@perdanauniversity.edu.my

Dr. Wana Hla Shwe is an associate professor of Perdana University, Graduate School of Medicine. He is a member of the American College of Chest Physician. He was elected as fellowship award from the American College of Chest Physician as a mark of professional distinction.

He was PBL (Problem Based Learning) Coordinator for Medical Students in UCSI University. As an academician and a clinician he has previously delivered lectures and practical session, developed & facilitates the BPL and teaching clinical skills to medical students at UCSI University.

Before he joined to UCSI University, he had done the speciality training in Kagoshima University of Japan.

He is a graduate of University of Medicine (1) Yangon. His research interest includes clinical medicine and biomarker of pleural effusion as well as medical education.  He is a passionate lecturer with more than 11,000 teaching hours spanning more than 17 years; Dr. Wana has a special interest in medical education and clinical skill development. He looks forward to contribute more in Malaysia’s healthcare training.

Teaching Aids

  • Student Guide Book for Hospital Visit & Clinical Skill for Medical students in UCSI. (2013)
  • PBL Facilitator’s Handbook, a guideline for academic staff of the faculty of medical and health sciences at UCSI University. (2012)
  • Clinical skills, assessment tools, as a guideline for academic staffs (Phase-1, MD Program UCSI) (2011)

International Publications and Conference Proceedings 

  • Potu BK, Shwe WH, Jagadeesan S, Aung T, Cheng PS: Scope of anatomy teaching in problem-based learning (PBL) sessions of integrated medical curriculum. Int. J Morphol 2013; 31 (3): 899- 901
  • Zay S, Shwe WH, Moe S:  A Study on Tuberculous Pleural Effusion. International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health 2010; 2 (3): 32- 48
  • 7th International Online Medical Conference (IOMC 2013) Paper presentation, “Knowledge, Attitude And Practice on Insecticide Treated Nets in Myanmar”
  • Zay S, Shwe WH & Moe S. The value of pleural fluid Adenosine Deaminase in Tuberculosis. Presented in 3rd International Online Medical Conference 2010(IOMC 2010) on 7.3.2010 and published in Electronic proceedings Book of Conference. 2010; 1(1): 104- 118.   http://www.iomcworld.com/rgmhr/
  • Zay S, Shwe WH & Moe S. A Study on Tuberculous pleural effusion.  Presented in 3rd International Online Medical Conference 2010 (IOMC 2010) on 14.3.2010 and published in Electronic proceedings Book of Conference. 2010; 1 (1): 400- 401 http://www.iomcworld.com/ijcrimph/ijcrimph-v02-n03-01.htm

Effect of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) on the study of medical students as a medical education research.