Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine

Welcome Message

Prof. Charles M. WienerWhen we founded the Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine (PUGSOM) in 2010, we knew we were attempting a transformation to the medical scene in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. A graduate entry medical school offering a 4-year M.D. degree and an academic health centre on the US/Johns Hopkins model has no precedent outside the United States.  Our goal is to transform the landscape of medicine in Malaysia and world-wide by training future leaders in clinical care, research, education and health policy who are dedicated to excellence, integrity and service. With the enrolment of 3 student classes since September 2011, we are progressing to that goal.

PUGSOM faculty are pioneers. They are leaders interested in implementing a new model of teaching and learning – one that is student-centric. They are attuned to the differences in how students learn best and interested in working collaboratively to advance at least one branch of Perdana University’s three-part mission: research, clinical care, and education. Their approaches are grounded in the precepts of bedside teaching and mentorship used at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (JHUSOM) for more than 100 years.  Such an enterprising faculty seeks students with the same level of energy, intelligence, and dedication, students who share the pioneer spirit to elevate medical education in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

PUGSOM and Johns Hopkins share the Genes to Society (GTS) medical school curriculum. The GTS framework provides the foundation for the advancement and understanding of individualized, 21st century medicine – medicine that sees wellness and disease on a continuum, and individual disease from the integrated perspectives of biology, culture and the environment. GTS also informs our holistic approach to future clinical care and research.

On behalf of the students, staff, and faculty of PUGSOM, thank you for visiting our home on the Web. We invite you to search for facts or take a closer look for information about our mission, our student-centred approach to medical education, and our unique collaboration with Johns Hopkins. We welcome you to join our transformative adventure.

Prof. Charles M. Wiener, M.D.
Dean/CEO, Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine