Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine

Welcome Message

Prof. Charles M. Wiener

Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine (PUGSOM) is the first medical school in Malaysia to offer graduate entry medicine (GEM). GEM was initiated in the United States of America (USA) more than a century ago. GEM has gained momentum globally beginning with universities in Australia and United Kingdom in 1995 and 2000 respectively. GEM programs are currently offered at some medical schools in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Africa (Ghana, Kenya and South Africa),  Middle East (Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) and Asia (Philippines, Taiwan and Singapore). PUGSOM was established with the assistance of JHUSOM, who helped develop the US-style 4-year GEM programme.

The vision of the Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine is to support the University’s vision of contributing to the global community through the pursuit of excellence in education, research and service. It will promote intellectual discovery, generate and spread state-of-the art knowledge and be a centre of excellence in medical education based on a graduate entry level approach.

The PERDANA UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE will endeavour to improve the health of the community by setting the standard of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care.

The principal objective is to educate medical students in accordance with the highest professional standards; to prepare clinicians to practice patient-centred medicine of the highest standard; and to identify and answer fundamental questions in the mechanisms, prevention and treatment of disease, in health care delivery and in the basic sciences. The aim of the M.D. degree is to produce leaders in medicine who will take the foundation of a broad education in medicine to improve health through patient care, research, and education.

Prof Dr. Krishna Gopal Rampal

MBBS (Agra), MPH (Mahidol), MPH (Johns Hopkins), PhD (Johns Hopkins),

Dean, Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine