Perdana University Centre for Languages and Humanities (PUCLH)

Welcome Message

Associate Professor Dr. Rajasegaran KrishnasamyThe Centre for Languages and Humanities was established in June 2013. It aims to be the premier learning and referral academy for English for academic and specific purposes, catering for the present day higher education and workplace challenges.

The Centre presently caters for Medical Humanities courses and English Language support programmes for existing undergraduate students at PU.

Plans are underway to offer English Language courses catering for other disciplines of study, in tandem with the expansion of the University, and also courses for business and corporate entities.

The Centre has also been tasked with coordinating the implementation of the compulsory Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum (MPU) courses.

Associate Professor Dr. Rajasegaran Krishnasamy
Director, Centre for Languages and Humanities