Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

KP/JPS (N/720/8/0061)6/19

AWARD TITLE Doctor of Philosophy
MODE / DURATION OF STUDY Full-time (3 years) / Part-time (4 years)
RESEARCH AREA OF INTEREST The research topics on offer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Data-warehousing for massive biological data
  2. Applications of bioinformatics in:

♦  Immunology
♦  Vaccines
♦  Venom toxins
♦  Drug design
♦  Disease biomarkers
♦  Genetic/genomics
♦  Physiology

⇒ For enquiries, please email enquiry@perdanauniversity.edu.my


ACADEMIC A Master’s degree accepted by Perdana University’s Senate; or other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree that are recognized by Perdana University’s Senate.
ENGLISH Students must possess a good command of the English language.

Phase I: Prerequisite Coursework (if required)

Phase II: Comprehensive Examination

Phase III: Proposal Defence

Phase IV: Independent Research and Thesis Preparation

Phase V: Thesis submission and examination