PUCBi – Education Unit

Education Unit

Perdana University has initiated steps to offer several bioinformatics programmes at various levels of qualifications, with the specific aim of developing in-house human capacity and the broader goal of meeting the market and societal needs of the field, both locally and globally. The Education Unit of the Centre will offer these educational programmes, through the School of Postgraduate Studies, at the highest level of quality, wrapped around a research core of basic and applied sciences to produce bioscientists (students, researchers, and IT professionals supporting biologists) who are able to perform in the research realm of the New Biology of Tomorrow. The Unit will offer the first of these programmes, Postgraduate Diploma in Bioinformatics starting from September 2014. Plans for MSc/PhD (Bioinformatics) and other programmes are underway. A summary of the bioinformatics education roadmap is provided below.

PU-CBi Education Unit

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