PUCBi – About PUCBi

About PUCBi

Mission and Vision

Vision: to become a key driver of bioinformatics research, education and delivery of products and services with a global reach.

Mission: to become a bioinformatics hub or reference centre for collaborative knowledge discovery and an important global player in the field.


  • Become a magnet to attract interdisciplinary, international research collaborations.
  • Offer high-quality postgraduate and certificate training programmes.
  • Provide products and services to the local and global markets.
  • Accelerate the development and establishment of other programmes and research units at Perdana University.

Organisation Structure

PU-CBi Structure & Organization

The Director, under the jurisdiction of the Vice Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and with the guidance of the Local and International Advisory Council, will help materialise the vision and mission of the Centre through implementation of the key activities of the three inter-connected units: Research, Education, and Products and Services. The immediate planned workforce of the Centre will comprise 3 full-time Faculty, 6 Adjunct Faculty, 9 Support Staff and 3 International Advisory Council members.