The Campus and the Facilities

Campus & Facilities

Why Perdana University?

Welcome to a tour of the Perdana University campus and its facilities!

We are very happy to share with you the beautiful interim campus settings, but these will be superseded by a very modern future campus, with all the trappings of futuristic teaching, training and care-giving  facilities like no other in Malaysia.

Our Campus

Our CampusWelcome to the Campus. As a student you will spend most of your time on campus, learning from faculty members in taught classes, working in small groups with fellow students or reading in the Library.

Clinical Skills Unit

Early introduction to clinical skills, i.e. history taking and physical examination is conducted in the well-equipped Clinical Skills Unit.  Communication skills and physical examination are taught using simulated patients and mannequins.


LibraryThe Library has about 800 collections of books and is equipped with MD Consult, Access Medicine, MEDLINE and Dynamed databases. The E-Library is highly in demand by the students for listening activities, self-study, and meetings where they can access online materials.  Group study areas are provided in this student-friendly interactive and well-supported environment where students have access to wireless connectivity on campus. The online learning resources and our library facilities support independent study.

Anatomy Museum

The Anatomy Museum, located next to the Anatomy Lab, has plastinated and jar specimens exhibited for self-study.

Multidisciplinary Laboratory

Multidisciplinary LaboratoryStudents have access to state-of-the-art anatomy lab. They are introduced to new technologies in medical education, such as digital learning equipment (e.g. Virtual Human Dissector) and anatomy models as well as plastinated specimens.


The campus has two auditoriums capable of accommodating 200 people each.  There are 15 small group discussion rooms for formal and informal discussions and group study areas for self-study.  Both the Auditoriums and 5 discussion rooms are well equipped with Smartboards (interactive whiteboard system).

ICT Services

ICT ServicesThe campus is equipped with fully wired and wireless broadband access to the Internet and each medical student is provided with a laptop. All learning material is hosted online and students and faculty have access to various cloud-hosted services, including an Intranet and Library Repository for publications. Offsite campus to the same is provided as well. In this respect, the aim of the ICT services is to provide a fully modern, always available and paperless environment.

The Future Campus

Set on a lush, picturesque plot of land, the future campus hosts a full-fledged integrated University, Research Facility and Teaching Hospital, along with Student and Faculty residences, with other facilities to follow.