PU-RCSI Students Share Their Most Memorable Moments Doing Community Health Fieldwork

PU-RCSI Students Share Their Most Memorable Moments Doing Community Health Fieldwork

19 July 2017

Students of Perdana University – Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (PU-RCSI) just completed a component of their module where they have to complete an attachment at community health clinics. The students were send to small towns so they could witness how healthcare is delivered outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

Here is what they have to say about their stint:

quote 1
1. The community fieldwork posting was such a unique adventure – the combination of onsite and fieldwork experience for two weeks has made me aware of the challenges that face future doctors.


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2. Visiting the klinik kesihatan and klinik desa was unforgettable experience. Seeing healthcare delivered in the middle of a rice paddy plantation is something I’ll never forget!


quote 3
3. The enthusiasm of the epidemiology and public health department of PU-RCSI in continuously pursuing the best opportunities for us whilst on the posting was astounding!


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4. Being exposed to the realities of public health has fostered in me a desire to pursue public health as my career in the future.


quote 5
5. There were so many things to learn and do while on site that the two weeks just flew by. I wished it could have lasted longer!


quote 6
6. Fogging Aedes aegypti mosquitoes is something I had always seen but knew little about; by the end of the posting I learned about fogging and also had the opportunity to even handle the fogging machine!


quote 7
7. The Ministry of Health staff at the community health attachment we were in are so warm and welcoming, we forgot that we are there for actual study/work!


quote 8
8. The daily schedule was packed with activities and debriefing sessions, and yet we were still able to explore a little and enjoy all the local foods!


quote 9
9. The site posting showed me a glimpse of what my future will be like, and I’m grateful that I was given this opportunity.


quote 10
10. Conducting research at the site postings allowed me to get a better grasp of how actual research is done and this is something I’ll definitely be doing in the future.



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