Promotions for Academic Staff

Promotions for Academic Staff



21st July 2017 – We are pleased and proud to announce that the following academic team members have received due recognition for their hard work and dedication to PU:


Dr. Anne Jamaludin – Senior Lecturer, Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine, PU-RCSI

Apart from conducting research in injury prevention (accidental and non-accidental), Anne is an avid child advocate and currently working with several NGOs to promote awareness on child abuse and neglect (CAN) within the Malaysian society. She is also working closely with healthcare professional to improve the identification of CAN cases in the clinical healthcare settings.




Dr. Chan Soon Choy – Associate Professor and Dean of Foundation Studies

I always work my best effort to support the University’s vision. Fortunately, the University is in support of my effort for the last five years and my recent promotion encourages me to do more.”






Dr. Erin Lim
– Associate Professor, PU-RCSI

Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” -Jim Rohn-






Dr. Mohammad Asif Khan – Associate Professor, Dean of School of Data Sciences

Our School of Data Sciences aims to be on the vanguard for the three interconnected facets of an academic endeavor—research, education and services – in order to effectively contribute to the advancement of data science in Malaysia and beyond.”




Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi

Mr Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi – Senior Lecturer/Head of Information Technology Department

With a strong academic-industrial collaboration and support network, the Centre for Computing aims to be the place where a theory is translated into an application that contributes to the nation.”




radhaDr Radha Kodiappan – Senior Lecturer, Biochemistry, PU-RCSI

As a dedicated and enthusiastic educator and researcher, I am passionate about giving my students the best possible education and experience in life. I look forward to further growth with Perdana University.”







Dr Sangeeta Kaur – Senior Lecturer, Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine, PU-RCSI

It’s indeed a pleasure to be part of the pioneering faculty team member at Perdana University. Internal recognition and continues support from the institution; permits us, to enhance our teaching abilities that is built on integrating learning with research activities”. I look forward to my future pursuits on advancing learning experiences for our students and also to work on developing new knowledge that would help address today’s most pressing health issues.”





Congratulations to all!

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