Movie Mania by Thomas College

Activity: Movie Mania by Thomas College
Date: November 07, 2014
Time: 3:30pm – 7:30pm

Two movies were screened:
– The Conjuring
– Grown Ups

It was an effort of Thomas College to offer a leisure activity for Perdana University (PU) members and to maintain its interaction with the PU members, as well as part of Thomas College’s intention to raise some fund for its future activities.

From the movies, students learned the importance of family, friendship, and work-life balance – an important reminder as some of them might have been busy with studies all the while and might have neglected their loved ones. It was definitely a very enjoyable moment watching movies with your friends and colleagues. We can laugh, scream and make fun of each other. Nevertheless, we appreciate the enormous support from our lecturers and friends, which make this event a success.

Organizing Committee:
Leader: Farah Abdullah
Secretary: Tan Yew Ei
Treasurer: Sivaganesh
Publicity: Nur Fatin Shafiqah, Amiera Ghazi, & Lim Ju Lyn
Tickets selling: Phang Chen Rong, Lim Su Lin, Denson Chua Wei Seng
Tickets Design: Yogaletchumy
IT: Kamil Rejab, Johnson Goh Kok Wei
Food and Drinks: Sharifah Sakinah, Nurul Izzah

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