JC2 PU-RCSI Healthcare Symposium – The Malaysian HIV Snapshot

JC2 PU-RCSI Healthcare Symposium – The Malaysian HIV Snapshot

9th March 2017

The Junior Cycle 2 students from PU-RCSI and other employees of Perdana University continued the series of the healthcare symposium with the title “The Malaysian HIV Snapshot” that highlights HIV in Malaysia.

Delivering the talk was Datuk Dr Christopher Lee from the Infectious Diseases Unit, Department of Medicine at Hospital Sungai Buluh. He had the students in stiches with his witty remarks and also advised the students not to discriminate and most importantly, not to be arrogant when they enter the medical profession as it tells people a lot about what they believe in. Datuk Dr Lee also shared about breakthroughs in treating HIV, which once killed many people within a short span of time but is now considered a chronic, manageable infection with antiretroviral therapy (ART) that can manage patients’ conditions and help them live a normal, healthy life.

Another special speaker was a patient of Datuk Dr Lee that is now a peer counsellor in his clinic to provide support to new HIV patients. The woman in her 40s has been diagnosed with HIV since 2002, which she got from her husband who used to take drugs. With the ART treatment, she now lives a normal life and with dignity.

Thank you for coming, Datuk Dr Lee and his patient.



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