Interview with Perdana University’s Academicians – Dr Olivia Tee

Interview with Perdana University’s Academicians – Dr Olivia Tee


Dr Olivia Tee – PU-RCSI


1) How long have you been working in PU?

I have been working at PU-RCSI for 2 years and 9 months now.

2) What is your most memorable moment working at PU?

My most memorable moment working here is when our PU-RCSI programme was commended by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA) accreditation panel.

3) Did you undertake any significant project at PU, either with the students or on your own? Do share.

A few projects involving students are on-going, looking at:

  1. a) The availability & affordability of essential medicines at private general practitioner (GP) clinics
  2. b) The prevalence of undetected cognitive impairment and depression among elderly residents of private old folk’s homes
  3. c) Learning styles of PU-RCSI medical students

4) What would you say makes your teaching/subject different than the ones offered elsewhere (if possible)?

The curriculum offered here is unique as it is delivered across 3 campuses and students sit the same assessment, assuring standard and quality of the programme. Students graduating from the PU-RCSI programme are holistic, competent and global healthcare practitioners.

5) Why would you recommend students to study at PU?

Since PU has a relatively small campus at present, students have the opportunity to get to know almost all the other students and lecturers very well, enhancing the networking among members of the university and strengthens collaboration for learning as well as research.

6) What do you think are the contributing factor(s) to create successful students at PU?

The ethos of the university plays a key role in shaping the students, the high quality teaching/learning and emphasis on professionalism will ensure students’ success to a great extent.

7) Any other positive points you would like to share about PU (if possible).

PU has a comfortable environment, where staff are collegial and relationship with students are close and supportive. The friendly environment makes studying and working at PU pleasant.

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