Interview with Dr. Sangeeta Kaur


1)   How long have you been working in PU?

4 years


2)   What was your most memorable moment working at PU?

The day I was offered the job


3)   Did you undertake any significant project at PU, either with the students or on your own? Do share.

Yes, a charity event with the students; being a committee member of the KSRAMC (Kelab Sukan Rekreasi AMC, the employees’ sports club) and participating in the events such as Family Day, bowling tournament and etc.

4)   What would you say makes your teaching/subject different than the ones offered elsewhere (if possible)?

We have the opportunity to personalise our teaching techniques and we also know our students better- know their strength and help build on their weaknesses. We ensure our teaching remains relevant, hence we link theory with practice.


5)   What do you think are the contributing factor(s) to create successful students at PU?

A professional, holistic approach that builds positive character.


6)   Any other positive points you would like to share about PU (if possible).

We have an opportunity to make things better, since we are small in number – but to do this we have to move on and build a positive environment – hence, a positive approach from top to down would enhance an exciting learning environment for our students to appreciate and grow with us.

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