Healthcare Symposium on Drug Addiction

Healthcare Symposium on Drug Addiction

15 March 2017

The Junior Cycle 2 students from PU-RCSI, along with other cohorts and employees of Perdana University continued the series of the healthcare symposium, this time to learn about drug addictions.

Sharing his experience was Encik Hafizi Harun, a Licensed and Registered Counselor, International Certified Addictions Counselor, and Certified Substance Abuse Therapist from Persatuan Pengasih Malaysia.

Persatuan Pengasih Malaysia has helped drug addicts in the past 26 years and has 7,000 clients worldwide. All its counsellors, including Encik Hafizi were former drug users and so they are well-equipped to help others to be on the path of recovery.

Encik Hafizi shared how he got into the world of drugs and he has been clean for 20 years. He believes one is never cured of drugs as they would constantly battle their cravings for drugs, but it is a treatable condition that puts people on the road to recovery. He now gets satisfaction from body-building!

Another speaker was Encik Muhammad Faiz bin Jamai, who has been clean for the past 15 months. He started taking drugs at college out of curiosity and because he wanted to boost his self-esteem, until he got caught by the police. He dropped out of college but he will be continuing his studies very soon, thanks to the helpful people he met at Persatuan Pengasih Malaysia.

Thanks for coming, Encik Hafizi and Encik Muhammad Faiz!


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