A Systems Biology Approach to Elucidate Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in Cancer

Dr. Shivashankar H Nagaraj, a Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Australia visited Perdana University on 28th November 2016 to share about how he is developing and using bioinformatics to utilise large amounts of data to solve problems in cancer biology.

Dr. Shivashankar said there is only a handful of proteogenomic tools that are available, and existing tools do not provide end-to-end solutions, are not integrated well and are not easy to set up. To overcome these issues, he had a hand in developing an informatics framework called PGTools to study complex biology processes and could offer a new direction for EMT research.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, Dr. Shivashankar, and we look forward to more opportunities to collaborate in the future.


The director of Perdana University Centre of Bioinformatics Assistant Professor Mohammad Asif Khan presents the gift of appreciation to Dr Shivashankar H Nagaraj after the informative talk.

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