2017 White Coat Ceremony

2017 White Coat Ceremony

23 March 2017

9 students from PUScOT and about 40 students from PU-RCSI were given their white coats in a simple ceremony to mark the rite of passage for students who have completed their foundation years and are embarking onto their clinical years.

At the ceremony, students were congratulated on their achievements thus far, and were made aware of the commitment and hard work needed for the years to come as an ‘apprentice’ healthcare practitioner and as a professional in the field when they graduate.

Honourable guests at the event included Professor Hannah McGee, Dean of Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Mr Soh Say Beng, President of the Malaysian Occupational Therapy Association (MOTA) and Professor Dato’ Dr Anuar Zaini bin Md Zain, former Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaya.

During Professor McGee’s speech and Professor Dato’ Dr Anuar Zaini’s special lecture, they advised students to be knowledgeable practitioners that can emphatise with their patients.

The students also pledged the Hippocratic Oath, an oath historically taken by physicians to uphold specific ethical standards and is considered a rite of passage for practitioners of medicine and occupational therapy in many countries.

Awards were also given out to high-performing students, and the students in turn had a variety of performances to entertain their family members, guests, academicians and employees of Perdana University.

All the best, students!


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