The Perdana University (PU) Library is a central resource for research and knowledge discovery. It is designed primarily as an e-Library but is supplemented by a collection of e-books and online databases which include Access Medicine, Clinicalkey, EBSCO Hospital Package (which include Cochrane Collection Plus, Dynamed and Medline Complete). The library also maintains a collection of core textbooks and reference works in printed copies.

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday : 8.30 am to 7.00 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday : Closed

Library Automation
The library uses KOHA as its automated library system to provide online loan and returning services for its library users via its url Off campus users can gain access by login to

The e-Library is equipped with 50 computers with internet access and is highly in demand by students for listening, self –study and access to online materials. This is in addition to the laptop computer that is provided to each student at Perdana University. The online learning resources and our library facilities support independent study.


The e-library is accessible from off campus via its ezproxy and its url


Library’s OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
The library’s OPAC is accessible off campus via ezproxy. Checking of the availability of the printed text books or e-books can be done online including renewal and reservation.

Printing Facilities

Printing Facilities

The Library provides scan, print and photocopy facilities. Students make use of their student card for copying services and can top-up values at the library’s counter.

Discussion Rooms

Discussion Room

The library provides discussion rooms for groups of students. This is in addition to the other discussion rooms available in the teaching block and adjoining the library.


Open Shelves Collection
Students can borrow maximum of 3 books for a period of 7 days for each book.

Academic staff can borrow maximum of 5 books for a period of 30 days for each book.
For late return a fine of RM0.50 is charge per book daily.

Textbook Collection (Yellow dot on spine)
1 book for a period of 3 days. For late return a fine of RM1.00 per day.

Red Spot Collection (Red spoy on spine)
1 book for 3 hours only. For late return a fine of RM0.50 per hour.

Reference Collection (Blue spot on spine)
These books cannot be borrowed out and are for reference in the library only.

Inter Library Loan Services (ILL)
The sharing of resources with other public and private universities in Malaysia is accessible through inter-library loan services. This initiative is coordinated by the National Library of Malaysia. Another mechanism is through the Medical Librarian Group (MLG), which consist of librarians who serve in medical library at public and private universities and hospitals by providing document delivery for journal articles requested by participating medical libraries in the country. Students and academic staff have to put their request via email to the Librarian for books and articles that is not available in PU library.

Failure to comply with the library rules and regulations for loan of library materials may result in penalties or suspension of your borrowing facilities.

General Rules and Regulation

  • Must always display student, staff or visitor’s card whilst in the library.
  • No bags are allowed in the library. Bags must be placed in the pigeon holes provided.
  • Do not leave any valuable items in your bag left in the pigeon holes.
  • All library materials should be properly check-out before leaving the library.
  • Place all books taken from the shelves on the book trolley provided.
  • Silence to be observed in the library at all times .
  • Please put your mobile phone on silent mode in the library.
  • No food and drinks are allowed in the library except for water.
  • Library staff have the right to take appropriate actions against any breach of library regulations by users.

Library’s Staff:

Maimunah Kadir, Chief Librarian

Maimunah Kadir
Chief Librarian

Farish Mohd Taha, Librarian

Farish Mohd Taha

Nur Anis Mahadzir, Assistant Librarian

Nur Anis Mahadzir

Tel: +603 8941 8646 Ext. 220 / 222


Fatin NadiahInterview with PU Library Trainee Librarian: Fatin Nadiah binti Azman

Perdana University received its first trainee librarian, Fatin Nadiah binti Azman on a full time attachment from the Faculty of Information Management, UiTM, Shah Alam. Fatin was doing her internship at PU library from 4th August to 31st December 2014. It is an honour for PU library to be selected as one of the institution chosen and selected by UiTM to send their student for internship training. The following is a short interview with Fatin regarding her experience at PU library.

1. Describe your first impression of your first day when you report for training.

Answer: I was a little nervous about coming to my first day internship to Perdana University Library because I was thinking whether I can carry out the work or job given to me  and whether I can establish relationship with the Library staff and Perdana University staff? At the same time, I was excited in coming here because my lecturer, Dr. Che Zainab who suggested this place to me to do my internship and learn more about the management of the library from Pn. Maimunah.

2. Was the programme of the library training useful to you?

Answer: Yes, it is useful to me because I get a lot of information that I learn from Pn Maimunah, En. Farish and Cik Anis, which I did not know about during my studies. I can apply this library training information in my future job.

3. Describe your networking experience with students, academic staff and PU staff.

Answer: The students in Perdana University are very friendly to me and they are so polite. I really love doing my internship here because they consider me as their friends. The students always ask me if they want to renew, reserves, return, borrow books and others. They also share their learning experience with me and I had been eating lunch with them before this. For the academic staff, they are very cooperative with me and I can answer to their request if they ask me either about the materials in the library, online database or others. If I  cannot answer them I will ask Pn. Maimunah, En. Farish or Cik Anis for their help.. The PU (Perdana university) staff are very friendly, take care of me and consider me as their colleague. I had lunch with them before this and chatting with them about a lot of things during my lunch hour.

4. Your comments about your learning experience at PU library

Answer: I don’t have any comments because from what I have learnt are more than enough and Pn. Maimunah, En. Farish and Cik Anis taught me a lot of things about the management of the library. And may be if there are other practical students, I hope they will learn more about how to do purchasing of the materials in the library because this learning experience will be useful to us in our future job. Thanks to Pn. Maimunah, En. Farish and Cik Anis for giving me the opportunity to learn a lot of things and finish my industrial training subject. Hopefully, the learning experience here will help me in my future job. Thank you.